Our July and August partner is the Andy Roddick Foundation!

Andy Roddick Foundation

About Andy Roddick Foundation

The Andy Roddick Foundation takes the time children spend outside the classroom and turns it into real opportunities. Over and over again, they engage children in high quality learning and enriching experiences after school and during the summer — the months and times of day when children who feel left out and forgotten need them the most.

Their Story

Too many children in Central Texas do not have access to high-quality learning and enrichment that will keep their hard-earned academic skills sharp.

It’s like the front doors of a school. During the school year, the doors are open and all children have access to learning and enrichment because of equal access to public education. But after school and during the summer, the doors are locked for children in communities that have been left out.

Without quality learning and enrichment, our children are at risk for falling behind — year after year — in core subjects like math and reading and missing those eye-opening moments when they discover
something they do well.

In cooperation with the Austin Independent School District, ARF has developed high quality after school activities. They’ve also created new chances for all kids to grow in literacy, STEM, art and sports. With acclaimed six-week summer programs, intensive summer activities and join initiatives, they’re making an impact during the summer months when statistics show children are most at risk for falling behind.

Content sourced from the Andy Roddick Foundation website. For more information please visit their site here.

Our Commitment

R+R is so excited to be able to donate 10% of each sale in July and August to the Andy Roddick Foundation. We (and our makers!) believe in their cause are thrilled to be able to contribute.

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